16 Jul 2019

Airlines in Nepal

Monitored and authorized by Nepal Airlines Corporation, there are various airlines companies in Nepal. These companies provides services as Domestic, International, Chartered Flights and Mountain Flights. Some of them also provide helicopter tours along with chartered ones.

Traveling through air is the most convenient experience. Road journeys are time consuming and inefficient. For a better and comfortable trip, travelling through air is highly recommended. Airline companies such as Buddha, Yeti, Simrik, Goma and Tara especially offer domestic services. These airlines are known to be the most reputed ones and claim to provide safe as well as a comfortable flight experience.

Yeti Air

Yeti Airlines, the private carrier provides the widest and best network of flights in Nepal. It  is famous for its larger number of flights to Lukla  the gateway to Mount Everest.


Buddha Air

Buddha Air envisions itself to provide safest, reliable and comfortable flight experience in reasonable airfares. The company ensures that clients get the best service. Buddha Air has flown 5 million passengers till now with satisfactory services and null insurance claims.


Simrik Airlines

Established in the year 2010, the company merged with some airline companies of the country and has well established today. Most prominent fixed wing airline of Nepal, Simrik air claims to provide the safest flight journeys


Goma Air

A small branch of professionals combined of Senior engineers, Senior pilots and financial experts, Goma Airlines offer various services in the country. It has recently brought a brand new aircraft for stol airfield in Nepal.