15 Dec 2019

Top Travel Destinations in Nepal

Nepal has around 18 percent of its land as protected area - either known as national parks or wildlife reserves. While the high Himalayas make up Nepal's northern region, the southern lowland known as "Terai" is covered with dense tropical jungles teeming with diverse wildlife and exotic birds. Here, you will find some of the exciting safari destinations in the world. Among the 14 national parks and wildlife reserves in Nepal, Chitwan National Park (967sq-km), Bardiya National Park (968sq-km) and Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (175sq-km) are the most popular safari destinations. These Parks and Reserve are homes to many rare wild animals including the Royal Bengal Tiger, endangered one-horned rhino, crocodile, four-horned antelope, striped hyena, the Gangetic dolphin, and more than 550 different species of colorful birds. Jungle safari activities include going into deep jungle on elephant back to view the wildlife, ride canoe on the park rivers to see Crocodile and water birds, nature walk, bird watching, native village tour and cultural show. All these parks are easily accessible by road and regular flights to organize your trips. Many adventurers also take rafting trip to go down. However you go, a safari trip in Nepal is an experience you will remember for a long time.  

Top Mountains in Nepal

Nepal is a mountainous country and it is the home of world's highest mountains including Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Manaslu, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and thousands of several snowy capped peaks. Here we are presenting the information about the highest mountain peaks in Nepal. 


Cities in Nepal

Nepal has many beautiful cities. They are naturally and culturally rich cities. Among the cities of Nepal, Kathmandu is the capital city as well as the cultural center of Nepal, Biratnagar is the political capital.


Hill Stations in Nepal

Nepal has several hill stations for mountain views and landscape. The hill stations are famous for sunrise and sunset views. Hills nearby Kathmandu, Pokhara, Dhankuta are famous for sunrise views. Nagarkot, Sarangkot, Bhedetar, Antudanda are the some of the hills in Nepal famous for sunrise views.


National Parks in Nepal

Nepal is bit ahead to preserve more endangered species of flora and fauna than any other country in Asia. There are many National Parks and Conservation Areas in Nepal. Now, the protected areas in Nepal include 10 national parks, 3 wildlife reserves