15 Dec 2019

Football in Nepal

Football is the most popular sport in Nepal.  All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) is the responsible body for the football development in Nepal. For a long time, football has been uniquely popular in Nepal. It has a huge core of fans.

Football was introduced by the Ranas in Nepal along with many other sports. It was more than half a century back. The then prime-minister Padam Shamsher started Ram Janaki Football tournament in 2004, B.S. with the objective of concretizing the increasing public interest in football. After the establishment of democracy in 2007 B.S., Nepal Police Force was successful to enjoy the consecutive hat-trick win of that tournament and owned the trophy. Then, the police force handed over it to Nepal Football Association for the continuation of the tournament in remembrance of Martyrs. That very trophy still exists now in the name of Martyr’s Memorial League Tournament.
There are several football clubs and ANFA has categories them as A Division, B Division and C Division clubs

A Division Football Clubs 2012-2013

A Division football League playing clubs for 2012 – 2013. The positions of A Division clubs with their name ...