15 Jan 2021

Sports in Nepal

Nepal has a long history about sports. From the Mall dynasty to current Nepal sports is still just a way of entertainment. Since few years football and Cricket is getting as profession. Players are taking sports as profession and the process is going rapidly.

The crawling situation of sports should take a big jump to get the international level. There have been many practices to develop the sports in Nepal. May sports clubs, groups are formed. We are trying to list out the sports information of Nepal.

Football in Nepal

Football is the most popular sport in Nepal.  All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) is the responsible body for the football development in Nepal. For a long time, football has been uniquely popular in Nepal. It has a huge core of fans


Cricket in Nepal

Cricket is the most popular sport in Nepal after football. Cricket was introduced to Nepal by the ruling Rana dynasty when they returned from studies in England and India in the 1920s.The Cricket Association of Nepal was formed in 1946 to promote cricket amongst the aristocracy.A national Academy is in the work. Partly funded by the Asian Cricket council, to provide indoor practice in the face of Nepal's challenging weather.