21 Oct 2020

10+2 Levels

Top 10 plus Two Colleges in Nepal - 2014

The Saptahik weekly of Kantipur Pulication has ranked the top 25 plus two colleges in Nepal for 2014. We have just selected the top 10 plus two colleges in Nepal from the list. Below is the ranking list with information about the colleges.


Prasadi Academy Manbhawan, Lalitpur

Low on gimmick, high on quality education, that is Prasadi Academy. Prasadi is one of the very few Plus Twos in the valley that doesn’t rely on advertisement and high intake. Each year, Prasadi takes over 500 students in grade 11 and its pass percentage is over 95 percent every session.

Established 12 years ago, Prasadi runs two streams -- management and science. Prasadi is perhaps the only Higher Secondary School (HSS) in the valley that is running only the Plus Two programme. According to Principal Bikram Rai, the college has adopted the principle of “one management, one programme”. It’s because of this, Prasadi does not have other academic programmes except plus two.

Over these 12 years, Prasadi has proved its worth by preparing students for careers in medicine, engineering, banking and others. In the last academic year, Prasadi’s pass percentages in grades 11 and 12 were 99.59 and 99.49 percent respectively.

Students looking for extra-curricular activities may find Prasadi a little bit boring as it emphasises only study. This HSS, which solely focuses on the students’ academics, does not make the “waste of time” in the name of extra-curricular activities and other pretexts. According to Principal Bikram Rai, Prasadi focuses on education more than anything else because it is also the interest of the students. “Students come to Prasadi for academic excellence,” said Rai.

Prasadi doesn’t have transportation facility and motorcycles have been banned except for those who come from a long distance. “The college’s job is not to provide transportation but to give quality education,” he added.

In order to maintain academic excellence and focus the students’ mind on studies, the college has fewer holidays for summer, winter or festivals like Dashain and Tihar. The college which focuses mainly on the class work and practical activities has been separating 20 minutes for practical in every period which are of 50 minutes each. It has also developed a separate workbook for subjects like economics and biology.


Kathmandu Model College Bagbazar, Kathmandu

Kathmandu Model College (KMC) believes in quality education more than advertisements. The college, which aims at producing practical students, has adopted the slogan, “My future is in my hands”. It has been trying to involve the students in practical studying and academic investigation. KMC, which is run with the notion that good result is only possible by the joint efforts of the parents, teachers and students, solely emphasizes maintaining a good educational environment in the college. “We organize frequent interactions with parents and students for producing better results,” said Rameshwor Aryal, managing director of KMC.

According to Aryal, dedicated teachers and the adequate educational materials are the qualities of KMC. The college, which has been coming up with better results each year, has been modifying the academic principles as per the need of time.

KMC also gives equal priority to the extra-curricular activities. The provision of giving fewer vacations is also found in KMC. The college also has some scholarship schemes for deserving students.


Sagarmatha HSS Pokhara, Kaski

Sagarmatha HSS is the first choice for plus two studies for both, the parents and students at Pokhara. The college which was founded by a group of seven teachers in 2057 B.S. currently has 32 teachers. Though science was the only subject taught here at the beginning, the college has also started management stream.

The team of dedicated teachers, who take this profession as a social work, is the major cause of success of the college. “The good relation between the students and teachers has established a good academic environment in the college,” said Principal Dhan Bahadur Thapa.

The college is spread over 16 ropanis of rented land. Though the college is located in city, the noise of the roads cannot reach the classrooms as the college was established with better planning right at the beginning.

Sagarmatha, which was able to get bestowed with good results right in the beginning, currently admits 20 percent of the students from local community schools and 30 percent from schools outside Kaski. This college has come as an example for those who believe that the top class students are necessary for producing good results. The college also has some scholarship schemes for deserving students. 


National School of Sciences (NSS) Lainchaur, Kathmandu

Aiming at sharpening the practical and intellectual ability of students, the National School of Sciences (NSS) was established 16 years ago. The NSS is one of the most sought after Plus Twos by students opting for science.

Most of the students from the NSS have been able to get scholarships in MBBS colleges and engineering colleges. “The increasing interest of students in the NSS is the only result of its excellent results each year,” said Principal Madhav Prashad Baral.

The NSS provides its services as per the individual capacities and nature of the students. “We focus on the triangular relations between students, teachers and parents,” added Baral. “We also emphasize the internal exams to focus the students’ minds on studies.” Modern laboratories and equipment are some of the impressive qualities of the college.


United Academy Kumaripati, Lalitpur

“Education with Culture” is the slogan of United Academy. Coordinator of the college, Basanta Nepali stated, “Education alone is not sufficient to develop society. For development, good culture is always a must.”

United takes discipline as the first and foremost quality of a student. The college, which believes in academic excellence, has also been focusing on the maintenance of disciplinary milieu in the college. The strictness can be judged by the fact that the college has banned fashionable dresses, motorcycles, jewellery and makeup.

The college has modern labs and projectors are used in the classes. A library with internet facility has also been maintained by the college. The college also has provided hostel facilities for 100 boys and 50 girls.

Besides, in order to identify the individual psyches of the students, psychological counsellors have also been appointed by the college. United has also been prioritizing the overall development of the students by organising various extra-curricular activities.


Little Angel’s Higher Secondary School Hattiban, Lalitpur

Situated at Hattiban, Lalitpur, Little Angel’s (LA) escapes the noise and pollution of the city. One of the Plus Twos with massive infrastructure, LA is spread over 250 ropanis of land.

But the fees are affordable. A total of 25 ropanis of land is separated for running the plus two programmes in science and management. LA has been running the Plus Two programme since the last 13 years.

Well maintained library, four science labs, six multi-purpose

halls, playgrounds and swimming pools are some of the additional attractions of LA.

The college that has been focusing on practical education has been admitting only 35 students in a class. Forty percent of the time in each class is separated for practical education. Excursions and tours are also the parts of academics in LA.

According to Principal Karna Thapa, most of the students after passing plus two from LA go abroad for further education. “Many of them are also studying engineering and medicine in the country itself,” he said. “The college has also decided to introduce some scholarship schemes for deserving students from this year.”

“Making the students understand their social responsibility has always been our main focus,” he added.


Merryland Higher Secondary School Biratnagar, Morang

Students at Merryland Higher Secondary School do not have to buy books, as they are available at the college library. And, 60 percent of the total students of Merryland are female.

Merryland, known for its strictness, has banned mobile phones on the college premises. Similarly, students are not allowed to carry more than Rs. 200 and male students are not allowed to grow long hair. The college has issued 11 points regarding discipline and one who violates them is fine from Rs. 250 to Rs. 500.

Well maintained library, play grounds and frequently organized extra-curricular activities are additional qualities of the college. According to Principal Bhesh Raj Pokhrel, the students from almost all the districts of the eastern region are currently studying in the college. Apart from regular academic classes, various free coaching classes are also provided by the college. Seminars, discussions and practical education are part of the teaching learning process in Merryland.


College of Business and Social Studies (COBAS) Biratnagar, Morang

The College of Business and Social Studies (COBAS) that had been running only the management programme since last 14 years is now introducing science in its plus two programme from this academic session. According to Principal Yadav Raj Koirala, the success in the management stream has prompted them to start the science stream.

Students from almost all the eastern districts are currently studying at the COBAS. “Classes are usually taken in a homely environment,” said Koirala. “Extra coaching classes are also available and some times ‘smart-class’ accompanied by computers are conducted.”

Practical education and teaching-learning through mutual discussions between teachers and students are emphasized at COBAS. Fifty percent of the teachers in the COBAS are PhD holders while 25 percent of them are female.    


Reliance International Academy Chabahil, Kathmandu

Reliance International Academy believes that it’s the responsibility of a college to develop the discipline and practical as well as academic knowledge of the students. This college is known as an institution which has been able to fly high in a short span of time.

Reliance holds that the academic excellence depends upon the grounds of good relationship between teachers and students. The college has established the Rotryact College of Reliance in order to generate leadership in the students. Similarly, different clubs regarding sports, journalism and other activities have been established for interested students.

E-magazine, which is published online by the literature club of Reliance, is also one of the major attractions of the college.

According to Principal Rabindra Jung Thapa, the main success that the college has been able to gain is the joint investment of the college management and parents. “The result of SLC is not the only factor that we see during admission sessions,” he said. “Entrance exams also matter a lot.”

“Extra classes are also taken for students who are weak in their studies,” he added.


Caspian Valley HS School Kumaripati, Lalitpur

Caspian Valley Higher Secondary School has only 30 students in one classroom and each student has a separate chair. And, one teacher handles seven students in every practical classes at Caspian. Caspian focuses on enrolling quality students. 

Caspian, which focuses on the practical approaches of teaching and learning, runs classes through audio-visual medium for the students of Humanities and Management. Various excursions and field-trips are part of the college’s academics. The study of Hotel Management is also one of the attractions of the college. “We are including various latest ways and subjects in teaching,” said Principal Tirtha Pokhrel.

The college has also been conducting yoga classes for the spiritual and mental development of the students. Students are also taken to remote villages in order to acquaint them with their social responsibilities. Pokhrel claims that pass-outs from Caspian have been able to get admitted in renowned universities of the world.

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