15 Dec 2019

Television Broadcast in Nepal

With advancement in technology, similar speed in the progress of television broadcasting is being observed in the country. Along with the government, private companies are applying their best efforts in order to result development in television sectors.

Furthermore, the first digital satellite service was initiated by Dish Media Network Pvt. Ltd. to deliver Direct to Home [DTH] service to each individual home in the country, in 2009. The company is, today, the fastest growing channel operator with operations in all 75 districts of Nepal. Prior to this service was first established, cable operators rushed with upgrades in their services to encourage their use.


Television first started in Nepal with Nepal Television in January, 1985. After years of its initialization, other channels were also introduced with a gradual passage of time. Number of cable operators in the country increased as people started to get fond of watching television. This increment started from the capital city of Nepal; Kathmandu, and then then steadily expanded throughout the country. When the first television channel; Nepal Television was started, it had a monopoly for 15 years in the country. After 27 years, Nepal had sixteen television broadcasters including the Nepal Television itself and NTV Plus, that both were run by the government. Apart from them, the most active and popular private broadcasters in the country were Kantipur Television [2003, Image Channel [2007], Avenues Television 2007], Sagarmatha Television [2007], ABC TV Nepal [2008], National TV [2008], TV Filmy [2009], Nepal 1 [2009], Terai Television [2009], News 24 [2010], Himalaya Television [2010],Mountain Television [2010], Terai Television [2010], Nepal Mandal [2010], Makalu Television [2010], and Channel Nepal.

However, several companies fell into loss and discontinued their services. This day, some of the popular television channels that are currently active in the country are listed below.

News 24

News 24 Nepal is a complete 24 hours high technology based Premium News Channel airing over more than 42 countries worldwide. In very short span of time, our action spoke louder and we succeeded redefining the Journalism in a very true sense.   


Image Channel Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome to the official website of the Image Group of Companies.

Image Group of Companies is the pioneer media house to offer the very first private television channel, the Image Channel in Nepal. It was also the foremost company to offer FM radio station initially called KATH 97.9 and currently Image FM 97.9 to the Nepali audiences.


Kantipur Television Network Pvt. Ltd.

Kantipur Television is Nepal's leading private television station. Popularly known as KTV, it is licensed for terrestrial and satellite transmission.


Sagarmatha Television Pvt. Ltd.

Sagarmatha Television (STV) is first 24-hour news and current affairs satellite television network broadcasting from Nepal since July 2007. Our satellite uplink premises (Headquarter) are staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week by a committed and dedicated staff located in Babarmahal, Kathmandu, Nepal.


Avenues Television

Nepal Television was established in January 1985 with the slogan "Communications for Development." The television broadcasting in Nepal is completing its 27 years with Nepal Television's growth in fulfilling its social responsibility.


Nepal 1 Television

Nepal 1 is the first Nepali language Satellite Channel being beamed from India. The transponder is on Thaicom’s Asia beam. It is primarily targeted towards the cable homes of the Nepalese community in North Bengal, Sikkim and North Eastern States in India, the whole of Nepal, Burma, and Malaysia, right up to Hong Kong.


Terai Television Network Pvt. Ltd.

TTV is a private satellite Nepali infotainment television channel. It broadcasts a wide genre of infotainment programs and the footprint of the channel spreads across 26 countries in South Asia, the Middle East and World Wide through IP TV (Internet Protocol Television).