15 Dec 2019

Newspapers in Nepal

Use of newspapers in Nepal has been a daily and effective medium in the sector of mass communication in the country. This effectual and efficient ancient practise still proves itself a useful method for purposes of communication, advertisement, news broadcast, notice publication and general awareness all around the world. Known to one of the cheapest means of communication, the system is also robust and reliable.


The first daily newspaper in Nepal was the Nepal Bhasa Patrika that was first published on 28th September, 1955 in Kathmandu. Phatte Bahadur Singh made his contributions as the first editor of the newspaper. The publication was stopped in the year 1983.

In around 1953, a weekly newspaper titled Pasa showed up. It was published by a literary organization named Chwasa Pasa. And this organization was formed by two exiled editors Prem Bahadur Kansakar and Madan Lochan Singh in 1950, Calcutta. Chwasa Pasa relocated to Kathmandu after the Rana reign was eliminated and when democracy entered the country in 1951. This weekly newspaper was published on a daily basis for three months in 1957.

Later, in 1983, another weekly newspaper Rajamati began publishing in Lalitpur. It was brought by Dharma Ratna Shakya with use of Nepali language at its initial days.

In the same year, Inap appeared, edited and published by Krishna Sundar Malla. This approach brought a new evolution in Journalism in Nepal. The publication lasted from 1983 to 1996.

As the first evening newspaper, Biswabhumi emerged that was formerly published in Nepali Language since 1987. It was edited by Ashok Shrestha. And this newspaper gained a massive popularity for its breaking news during the 90’s movement for Democracy in the country. Shrestha continued with anther evening newspaper named Nhugu Biswabhumi in 1992. Biswabhumi remained active until 1999.