15 Dec 2019

Magazines in Nepal

Magazines are another modes of mass awareness and a very suitable medium for advertisement, in Nepal. The practise of reading magazines have been followed in the country for a long time. A distinctive reason for its use are seen mostly by teenagers for the purpose of fashion updates and for information on recreational events such as beauty pageant, musical concerts, food festivals, dance parties, pool parties and musical shows. Wave and Nari are among the most popular magazines in Nepal that has been consistently making these kinds of information available to their readers.

News Magazines are also similarly popular in the country. A lot of them that fall under this category can be named as Boss and Business Manager. They establish awareness and business updates within business tycoons, executives and entrepreneurs who are resolute to their business plans and activities.

Similarly, Political Magazines are also equally popular in Nepal. They record, track, trace, analyse and interpret political changes that take place in the country. The country follows Federal Democratic Republic that remains dynamic all the time. For people to get updates about such happenings, political magazines play a vital role.


Nepal weekly is the country’s fastest growing socio-political news magazine, famous especially for acute political reporting and analysis. Nepal’s weekly circulation figures are at 37,000 copies.



Nari is the first monthly magazine in Nepal dedicated entirely to women. With circulation of 80,000 copies, it is a highly valued magazine, popular for its diversified sections including health, beauty, interiors, art, literature, lifestyle and glamour.