15 Jan 2021

Communication Services in Nepal

A recent research has found that Nepal has been steadily integrating itself in the field of communication. Making phone calls and accessing the internet is uncomplicated this day. Apart from this, network televisions, postal services, radio, newspaper and magazines have been conventional means of communication today. However, the field is flexible and can demand adaptation to the latest technologies and changes at any time.

Telecommunication in Nepal

Telecommunication Service in Nepal dates back to 1970 B.S and has a rich history in its evolution. Since 1995, this sector has been undergoing through significant growth developing better ways to enjoy telecommunication facilities to native people and foreign visitors as well. Nepal Telecom, as a government company, started first telecommunication services in Nepal with all possible services. Another company Spice Nepal Pvt. Ltd. rose itself as alternative telecommunication service provider in Nepal


Television Broadcast in Nepal

With advancement in technology, similar speed in the progress of television broadcasting in Nepal is being observed in the country. Along with the government, private companies are applying their best efforts in order to result development in television sectors. Furthermore, the first digital satellite service was initiated by Dish Media Network Pvt. Ltd. to deliver Direct to Home [DTH] service to each individual home in the country, in 2009. The company is, today, the fastest growing


Radio Broadcast and FM Stations in Nepal

Since a lot of parts in the country are much away from a convenience access, road transportation and airways are yet underprivileged. As an advantage, Radio Broadcasting has been proved to be the cheapest and the quickest means of mass communication in Nepal. Hills and mountains cover about 87 percentage of the country’s area. And only 17 remains as flat lands. This geographical formation and fluctuating altitudes bring barriers to other communication methods.


Newspapers in Nepal

Use of newspapers in Nepal has been a daily and effective medium in the sector of mass communication in the country. This effectual and efficient ancient practise still proves itself a useful method for purposes of communication, advertisement, news broadcast, notice publication and general awareness all around the world. Known to one of the cheapest means of communication, the system is also robust and reliable.


Online News in Nepal

Viewing of Online News over the internet and use of Newspapers in Nepal has both advantages and disadvantages simultaneously at the same time. In other words, when we compare them, we could say that both of the methods are used in the similar amount, depending upon the preference of viewers. Online news requires an internet access with an internet device whereas viewing of newspapers is cheaper, easier and a more flexible mode.


Magazines in Nepal

Magazines are another modes of mass awareness and a very suitable medium for advertisement, in Nepal. The practise of reading magazines have been followed in the country for a long time. A distinctive reason for its use are seen mostly by